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DIWAN Events is a full management services company that delivers comprehensive range of event management based in Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon.

Diwan Events


Services . Full Event Management

Classy Events

DIWAN Events consultants have original solutions for many events, reflecting our unique approach to elegance and creativity. DIWAN Events is commitment to award sophistication and beauty for events without compromising quality to exceed client’s expectations.

Galleries Management

DIWAN Events appreciates art and valuable master pieces; therefore, it deals with art exhibitions and galleries with absolute care, through state-of-the-art logistics solutions, theatre installations and professional management as well as marketing related events.

Corporate Events

The Success of corporate and public institutions events is a priority for DIWAN Events, where it works to integrate the event with the brand identity via unique solutions for managing and organizing summits. Moreover, DIWAN Events offers other services such as equipping executive meetings rooms, conferences and mega events.

Brands Launching

DIWAN Events’ team research and understand the brand’s persona deeply and evaluate the nature of consumer behavior, therefore, it designs unique solutions to communicate the brand to the largest segment.

Creative Events

Creative events demands originality, special equipment, special effects and supplies to lead to desired results.

Equipment Rental

Any necessary equipment to lead an event towards success or to install a theatre or equipping a studio is available at el DIWAN Events. Furthermore, it provides rental and installation services for audio-visual equipment, studios and media centers under the supervision of experts with competitive prices in a record time.

Light & Sound Supply

DIWAN Events offers a wide range of advanced audio-visual, lighting and special effects technologies for individuals, companies, schools and public institutions. DIWAN Events produces entire events for which we provide the whole range of creative programming and production execution. Those who appreciate arts choose DIWAN Events as an exclusive provider for audio-visual productions and support services for all kinds of corporate events including corporate meetings product launches, conferences, special events, corporate training and more.