About Us

DIWAN Events is a full management services company that delivers comprehensive range of event management based in Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon. DIWAN Events creates elegant and memorable events that clients will appreciate for a lifetime. From creating original solutions that speak to client’s vision, to innovative audiovisual technology, dazzling set designs and one-of-a-kind touches attendees’ love, DIWAN Events built its reputation on finding the difference between an ordinary event and exceptional experience, every time.

The Founder

DIWAN Events was founded by Nizar Kassamani, who enjoys more than 20 years in the event management industry and brand positioning in the region. His experience and world-class service received many local and international awards by Italian designers, public and private institutions as well as diplomatic missions. Some companies or organizations like having their own touch in planning their events, while others want DIWAN Events to take their vision and make it reality. Whatever is the approach, it always keep customers’ needs in mind, along with budget control, time management and creating an exceptional environment.

Brand Origins

Like so many things in our universe, stars are born from nebulae, a huge cloud of gas and scattered dust and so are our ideas.

Diwaneya in Kuwait is a social traditional hub, where people meet together to discuss the pertinent issues of the day and exchange thoughts. We have derived the word DIWAN Events from Diwaneya to create and event Management Company that responds to the needs and aspirations of our clients. Similar to the way they sit side-by-side, second by second, day after day like a homogenous structure, DIWAN Events assemble your thoughts together and the tiniest details to glow your event like a shiny star in the sky.

Our Vision

Achieving the privilege of being unique and the only choice for clients in terms of service, value, quality and creativity.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing creative and original results oriented solutions, depending on our consultants in the field of event management and planning, in addition to carrying the essence of the brand to the targeted segment. As an integrated services company, DIWAN Events offers rental and installation services for audio-visual equipment and buildings lighting, within the determined budget to the client and the highest standards of quality and elegance.

Our Values

Our values are based on our name, The D Letter for Dignity, I for Integrity, W for Work, A for Aspiration and N for Nobility.


It is not only about a competency model of trust desirable by others; it is a virtue we wear by not compromising services for the sake of personal gain.


Evasion of responsibility is refused, inaccuracy is disgraceful; and integrity is the core of our relationship with clients, partners and suppliers.


Work became a value because of how we utilize our team to make wonders with no exception of any task being too difficult.


We find our aspiration by adhering to the aspiration of our clients meeting their goals and aspects.


Be it small or big, the task is as noble as either.
Our values do not end here for we are Committed to Originality and Excellence within valued time.